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ГИА-2011. Раздел 2. Задания по чтению. Вариант 1.
 Прочитайте текст. Установите соответствие между вопросами A-F и пронумерованными абзацами текста 1-5. Запишите свои ответы в таблицу. Используйте каждую букву только один раз. В задании есть один лишний вопрос.

A. How to learn about Backpackers?
B. For whom are Backpackers?
C. Who says at Backpackers?
D. What facilities can Backpackers provide?
E. How much is to stay in Backpackers?
F. What is there in a Backpackers room?

  1. Backpackers hotels or just Backpackers are extremely popular in Australia. They are the same as Youth Hotels in Britain, but they have a different name. The name comes from the word "backpack" - an Australian equivalent for "rucksack". Backpackers are places where travellers can stay for a night or for a longer time. The name "backpackers" suggests that if people travel on their own with backpacks, they don't normally care for luxury and services an expensive hotel can provide. So, the place is designed for people to stay cheaply and safely while their travelling round the country or probably taking some educational courses.
  2. Though people who stay at Backpackers are not very particular about the range of services and the equipment of the room, Backpackers normally meet all reasonable requirements. Three or four people can normally stay in one room. The room is furnished with beds; clean and fresh linen, bed-covers and towels are provided. Often one can see bunk  beds there. This is quite convenient and saves room. There is also a desk, a couple of chairs, a mirror and a wardrobe in the room. Some rooms have en suite showers, bur sometimes toilets and showers are provided on a communal basis.
  3. These types of hotels appeared in the beginning of the twentieth century, they were used primarily by students as they needed cheap place to stay. Now there are thousands of them all over the world and people of different ages and different status enjoy staying there. There are retired people , groups of tourists on their own, families with and without kids and certainly students. They come from different countries and represent different cultures but everybody who likes nature and wants to explore the world is welcome in this friendly and easy-going community.     
  4. Usually there is a kitchen with the most essential kitchen appliances and equipment such as dishes, a refrigerator, a microwave and a coffee maker. So, visitors can prepare their own food or eat in a cafe. The cafes can offer simple but tasty dishes for a very reasonable price. There is usually a TV in the hall, books and newspapers the visitors can borrow and the Internet facilities. There is also a laundry room with several washed very cheaply.
  5. Information about Backpackers is available in tourist agencies and International centers, in all kinds of tourist booklets and guides, and certainly in the Internet. As prices and lets and guides, and certainly in the Internet. As prices and facilities in different Backpackers may vary, it's usually a good idea to call beforehand and ask about the things which are important for you. In high season the prior contact is very advisable. Backpackers can simply be full as they are getting more and more popular with people of different ages and nationalities. 

ГИА-2011: Экзамен в новой форме: Английский язык: 9-й кл.: Тренировочные варианты экзаменационных работ для проведения государственной итоговой аттестации в новой форме/авт.-сост. Н.Н. Трубанова, Е.Е. Бабушис, Н.А. Спичко. - М.: АСТ: Астрель, 2011. - 63, [1] с. - (Федеральный институт педагогических измерений).

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