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Готовимся к школьной олимпиаде. 8 класс. Часть 2.
VII. Complete the sentences with the correct question tags.

Nobody gave me a book, _____?
A. did they
B. didn't they
C. did he
There are a lot of books on the shelves, _____?
A. aren't there
B. are there
C. do there
You didn't do your hometask, _____?
A. did youB. had youC. haven't you
4.He doesn't try hard, _____?
A. do heB. doesn't heC. does he
5.Let's go on foot, _____?
A. will theyB. shall weC. shan't we
6.You go in for sport, _____?
A. aren't youB. do youC. don't you
There is nobody there, ____?
A. is there
B. isn't there
C. does there
I am not ugly, _____?
A. am not I
B. am I
C. are I
Don't do it, _____?
A. do you
B. will you
C. don't you
I am very kind, _____?
A. am not I
B. are I
C. aren't I
VIII. Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.

What will our planet look like if we _____ our nature?
A. didn't protect
B. won't protect
C. don't protect
What would he have done if his father _____?
A. wasn't
B. hadn't been
C. hasn't been
If I _____ you, I would apologize first.
A. were
B. am
C. be
If he _____ the coffee, it would be sweeter.
A. had stirred
B. have stirred
C. stirred
5.If we had enough petrol, we _____ there before night.
A. gotB. getC. will getD. would get
If the doctor didn't operate on him, he _____.
A. would dieB. will dieC. would have died
7.If it _____ not so foggy, we should reach the station on time.
A. isB. wereC. was
8.What would have happened if Ralf ______ his head?
A. lostB. has lostC. had lost
9.I shall easily repair the fence if I ______ a hammer.
A. will haveB. haveC. had
10.I ______ you if you didn't write letters.
A. will miss
B. missC. would miss

IX. Supply the articles if necessary.

1. _____ Urals
6. _____ Asia
2. _____ Philippines
7. _____ London
3. _____ Arctic Ocean
8. _____ Sahara
4. _____ English Channel
9. _____ Baikal
5. _____ Crimea
10. _____ Caucasus

X. Choose between the Gerund (G.) and the Participle I (P.I).

Example: The boy throwing stones into the pond is my brother. (P.I)

1) Leaving her son alone the mother told him to behave himself. _____
2) Why do you keep asking me question? _____
3) She looked up and said hello to me, and then went on reading her newspaper. ____
4) Seeing a mouse running out of the hole, the own chased it. _____
5) She hated the idea of being interrupted. _____
6) The baby began crying in the middle of the night. _____
7) During the lesson he sits thinking about something else. _____
8) Having asked a question the teacher was waiting for an answer. _____
XI. Choose the correct word.

1. Who in your group knows/knowledge Latin well?
2. Will you be so kind as to food/feed my dog while I am working in the garden?
3. Why aren't you friendship/friendly to him.
4. Are you pleased/pleasant with my work?
5. Don't be afraid. The army will make a man/manly of you.
6. Are you pride/proud of your football team?
7. May is the last month of our school year. We are gaiety/gay at the thought of the coming holidays.
8. She was a lovely girl with blue eyes and gold/golden hair.
9. Will you tell us the story of her life/live?
10. He was very sorrow/sorry that he had lost her address.

XII. Cross out the odd word in each line, paying attention to the vowels.

1. bald, bold, coast, post, most
2. heard, hurt, dirt, herd, heart
3. glow, soul, soldier, shoulder, should
4. food, mood, brood, blood, rude
5. few, feud, fruit, busy, pool
6. low, rose, move, noble, toll
7. iron, violent, fridge, vital, minus, lyric
8. simple, permit, perfect, turtle, curl
9. stare, hair, warn, fair, mare
10. medal, lesson, record, lady, ever

VI. Complete the sentences with the correct prepositions.

He fired his gun _____ the bird.
A. on
B. by
C. at

Water was running _____ the hill.
A. over
B. acrossC. through

3.They haven't been at the seaside _____ 3 years
A. since
B. forC. about

4.This book was written _____ a gifted writer.
A. withB. atC. by

5.I haven't been there _____ 1976.
A. since
B. overC. through

We haven't seen each other ______ two years.
A. in

B. forC. since
We were caught _____ a storm.
A. at
B. by
C. on

Are you fond _____ reading?
A. through

B. of
C. over
I haven't seen you _____ ages.
A. for
B. since
C. over

Is the road busy _____ night?
A. at

B. since
C. until
Информационные ресурсы:

Готовимся к олимпиадам по английскому языку 8-11 кл. / Т.Г. Сигал. - 2-е изд. - М.: Айрис-пресс, 2006. - 240с. - (Школьные олимпиады)

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Категория: Для среднего и старшего звена | Добавил: 1fluffy (31.07.2011) | Автор: Сигал Татьяна Константиновна
Просмотров: 3374 | Комментарии: 3 | Теги: Дистанционное обучение, 8 класс, Олимпиады, Для среднего и старшего звена | Рейтинг: 5.0/1

Всего комментариев: 3
3 1fluffy   (25.09.2011 12:43) [Материал]
Ещё раз напоминаю всем подписывать свои работы на документе.

1 хахахаха   (25.09.2011 12:28) [Материал]
а как задание с деепричастиями и причастиями делать????????????????? surprised

2 1fluffy   (25.09.2011 12:37) [Материал]
Ты первый задал такой вопрос. Завтра на кружке английского языка поработаем над этой темой.
Кстати, в проверенных работах у многих много ошибок в задании 7. На форуме в разделе "Домашнее задание для 8 класса" я дала ссылку на озвученные звуки. Советую всем поработать со звуками.

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